FourTec Pull Out Show Hospitality Exhibition Trailer




Product information

When in hospitality mode the pull out fronted trailer provides ample internal floor space and seating a kitchen area a further smaller room and wall mounted snap poster frames providing extensive space to promote your company identity and product range.


Length 8520mm
Width 2260mm
Height 2920mm

Kitchen Area

Length 1250mm
Width 2160mm
Height 2170mm

Kitchen Area Contains

4 Overhead Cupboards, 1 Counter Height Cupboard, 4 Below Counter Cupboards, 1 Draw, 1 Double Sliding Cupboards At Floor Level And 2 Strip Lights. 

Seating Area

Length 4270mm
Width 3600mm
Height 2170mm

Seating Area Contains

11 Seats With Underneath Storage, 6 Snap Rail Poster Frames And 2 Strip Lights. 

Room Area

Length 1170mm
Width 2160mm
Height 2170mm

Room Area Contains

1 Strip Light, 1 Snap Rail Poster Frame And 1 Coat Hook.

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