2006 New Holland TL90A Tractor With Ransomes 5/7 Gang Mower Unit

New Holland




Year 2006
Hours 6853
Width Of Cut 465cm
Height Of Cut 12mm - 85mm
Number Of Cutting Units 7
Cutting Action Cylinder
Number Of Blades 6
Drive 24x24 Dual Command™ transmission with Powershuttle
4 Wheel Drive Yes
Starter Electric
Engine CNH
Engine hp 90hp
Fuel Diesel
Working Speed 12km/h
Transport Speed 40km/h
Collector No
Length 5262mm
Width 2500mm
Height 2494mm
Weight 5580kg
PTO 540/1000 rpm - 77hp
3 Point Hitch Yes

Product information

Great looks boost productivity
Sit in the low profile cab of a TL-A tractor.
You can see exactly what is going on to the front, sides and rear. 
The distinctive slim and sloping New Holland engine hood has evolved to enable the operator to see clearly ahead, with no exhaust stack to get in the way.
The operator has a great view. 
Turn around and look out over the rear linkage.
Operating rear implements or side mounted attachments is easier because the operator can see them clearly from the quiet, comfortable cab.

As warm or as cool as you like
Air conditioning allow the operator to set their preferred cab temperature using an electronic thermostat.
The adjustable ventilation outlets can direct incoming air to where it is most needed and the variable speed offers full airflow adjustment.

Simple, comfortable and roomy
A versatile tractor needs a cab that matches user needs.
Good access is essential, with wide opening doors that are easy to open and close.
All fittings need to be durable and able to withstand the rigours of daily use.
The floor needs to be easy to clean with space for odds and ends.
Everything is positioned to be within easy reach.
Repetitive tasks are made simpler by related controls being grouped close together.
This helps reduce operator fatigue and increases ease of operation.

Low fuel consumption for day long stamina
High efficiency means lower emissions and fuel use.
The TL90A has a fuel capacity of up to 167 litres. 
This is sufficient for arduous long days without the need to refuel.
When other tractors have to stop, these TL-A tractors can just keep on working.

Powershuttle for yard and field
24x24 Dual Command™ transmissions offer a clutchless Powershuttle.
Fully modulated to ensure a smooth transition between forward and reverse, the Powershuttle lever is positioned so it is easy to reach with the left hand.

Split a ratio under full load
On 24x24 Dual Command™ transmissions, the powershift can be used to reduce the selected speed by 15% and to increase torque at the wheels by 18%.
In changing conditions, the PowerShift can enable the operator to select a single ratio and use the powershift to adjust the forward speed without changing gear.
The PowerShift button is mounted on the main shift lever for ease of operation.

Brakes to match 40kph transport speeds
Oil immersed disc brakes in the rear axle.
These can be operated independently in the field and automatically adjust to compensate for wear.
Equipped with four wheel braking.
Synchronised hydraulic trailer braking helps ensure safe braking even when towing heavy trailers.

Traction on demand
Fully locking differentials in both the front and rear axles.
The differential locks are electrohydraulically engaged, the operator simply pressing a switch to lock or release drive to the wheels.
Four-wheel drive selection is also controlled in the same way, with automatic modulation to ensure power transmission is engaged smoothly, even under full load.

A speed for every application
In addition to the standard 540rpm and ground speed PTO, a choice of 540 Economy and 1000rpm speeds are offered.
The PTO speed selector is mounted in the cab.

Modulated PTO control
Where electro-hydraulic PTO control is specified, engagement is automatically modulated to gradually feed power to the implement.
The yellow engagement knob is easy to reach and fitted with a central safety button to prevent accidental engagement.
The manual PTO system’s engagement lever is designed to be easy to reach and allows the operator to feed power to the implement gradually.

Advanced mechanical control
Mechanical draft control uses proven Flexion Bar™ lower link draft sensing for maximum performance. New Holland’s proven Lift-O-Matic™ system is also fitted.
This enables the operator to raise and lower implements at the end of the field to pre-set levels quickly and easily.
The Vario-Speed system automatically adjusts lowering speed according to implement weight.

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