Towable Ultra Spreader UB50 Precision Drop Spreader Top Dresser




Product information

  • Easily handles difficult wet and sticky top dressings
  • Finger tip hand control, adjust hand control spread with the turn of a knob
  • Carries over 750kg of material, with weight distributed between 6 low ground pressure wheels on a swivel axle
  • Designed to fit most popular make of utility vehicle, or tractor driven
  • Robust & Lightweight
  • Grip top belt to handle all wet and sticky materials
  • Fully sealed to hold the driest of materials
  • Hydraulic drive for ease of adjustment

Drive: Dual Hydraulic Motors
Hopper Capacity: 750Kg
Spread Width: 1.5m
Belt: 1/4" Griptop, Endless (no clips)
Brush: 6" diameter crimped nylon
Adjustment: Hydraulic flow control valve

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