2010 Honda Izzy HRG465C3 PDE 18" Lawn Mower


Izzy HRG465C3 PDE



Year 2010
Width Of Cut 46cm
Height Of Cut 20mm - 74mm
Number Of Cutting Units 1
Cutting Action Rotary
Number Of Blades 1
No Of Heights Of Cut 6
Drive Push
Starter Recoil
Engine Honda
Engine hp 4.5hp
Fuel Petrol
Collector Yes
Grass Bag Capacity 55Ltr
Handle Folding Yes
Length 1470mm
Width 497mm
Height 980mm
Weight 33kg

Product information

Features and benefits:

Ease of operation

  • Employs a wax-type auto-choke mechanism that eliminates the need to manually adjust the choke before starting the engine and after it has warmed up, facilitating easier operation. Also, because the mechanism automatically maintains the choke at the optimum setting, the operator is able to begin mowing immediately after start up.
  • Employs an easy-to-grip, easy-to-operate mowing height adjustment knob. Six mowing height adjustments are available, starting at 20mm.
  • Wide rear tires and wheels with double ball-bearing construction offer comfortable control and solid reliability.
    Mechanical decompression delivers light, smooth starting.
  • Setup is easy—just raise the handle and attach the grass bag. 


  • A flywheel brake stops the engine when the operator releases the cutting-blade lever.

Outstanding economy and environmental performance

  • Fuel economy at the top of its class.
  • Equipped with the Honda GCV135 air-cooled, 4-stroke, vertical general-purpose engine, which surpasses both U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Phase 2 regulations and the Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association’s voluntary emissions regulations.
  • A low-noise blade and other sound-suppressing features put these mowers at the top of their class for low-noise operation (96dBA).


  • The new colours were selected to evoke the image of a rose garden or similar scenes from an elegant, European gardening lifestyle. (Cutter deck: Rose Silver Metallic; mowing height adjustment knob: Rosie Grey)


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