2008 Komatsu WH 716 Turbo 16 Meter 4 Tonne Telehandler


WH716 Turbo



Year 2008
Hours 5100
Drive Full Power Shift Transmission
4 Wheel Drive Yes
Starter Electric
Engine Komatsu
Engine hp 100hp
Fuel Diesel
Transport Speed 38km/h
Length 6865mm
Width 2400mm
Height 2450mm
Weight 11590kg
Maximum Working Height 16.10 Meter
Maximum Working Outreach 11.70 Meter
Max. lifting capacity 4000kg
Capacity at max. height 2500kg
Capacity at max. forward reach 1000kg

Product information

The WH716 belongs to the series of Komatsu telescopic handlers, which offers:

High quality, safety and cutting edge technology that typically characterise all Komatsu products. Super Low Boom Profile, a new design with unique advantages in terms of stability and visibility.

Total comfort

  • PPC joystick as std
  • Spacious cab
  • Exceptionally low noise
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Fully opening door

Excellent visibility

  • Low rear hinging point for best rear visibility
  • Internal extending cylinder for best side visibility
  • Low profile stabiliser frame for best front visibility
  • Wide glass surface for 360° visibility

Unrivalled stability

  • Long wheel-base
  • Frame levelling
  • Wide type stabilisers
  • Rear axle lock

Top performance

  • CLSS hydraulic for smoothest movements
  • “Full Power Shift” transmission
  • High travel speed

Superior versatility and manoeuvrability

  • Wide range of attachments
  • Short steering radius
  • 3 steering modes

Automotive style interior
The ROPS/FOPS cab has a modern and ergonomic layout. It is mounted on four elastic supports to reduce vibration and internal noise level. Several well distributed storage spaces in the cab maximize comfort and a state of the art LCD panel displays all the main readings. The servo-controlled joystick features a unique slider switch and allows three simultaneous boom functions: lifting, extending and tool carriage rotation. The adjustable wrist rest reduces operator fatigue.

Wide entrance
The door opens at 180° and is made of two parts: both can be fully opened and secured for more air circulation; the lower windows enhance visibility.

Control at 360°
The wide glass surfaces, the super low boom profile, the extension system with internal cylinder and chains and the low position of the stabiliser frame give Komatsu’s telescopic handlers an unrivalled all around visibility. Forks and wheels are well visible from the seat so the operator constantly has a perfect control of the working area.

New concept frame
Thanks to the particular frame design, the boom’s hinging point is the lowest in the market. The Super Low Boom Profile offers unique advantages in terms of stability and visibility, two of the most important features for telescopic handlers.

The CLSS hydraulic system is a closed-centre circuit, with Load Sensing and a variable displacement pump that ensures smooth proportional and combined movements; all this guarantees maximum productivity and minimum consumption. High lifting capacity to the maximum height and reach, both on stabilisers and on tyres. High travel speed and engine torque are set off by the standard Full Power Shift transmission.

Komatsu has developed the WH series giving high importance to stability. The low position of the load centre, the innovative extending system, the wide bearing area and a huge range of stability devices, place the WH range’s lifting performances at the top of its class and guarantee a high safety level for the operators.

Frame levelling keeps the tool carriage horizontal, whatever the ground condition. It reaches angles of 10° on both sides and increases flexibility and lifting performances.

Wide type stabilisers guarantee highest stability on any ground type. Cylinders are well protected inside the frame.

An automatic rear axle oscillation lock enlarges the bearing area, thus increasing both lift performance and security and reducing the risk of lateral tipping. It engages automatically over a 50° boom angle.

Perfect manoeuvrability
The wide steering angle (52°) makes the steering radius, both for tyres and forks, extremely short for a machine in this category. Moreover, when manoeuvring with a Komatsu WH machine, there is no need to worry about its rear overhang: it will always stay well within the wheel radius. 3 steering modes (two-wheel, four-wheel and crab) allow the operator to smoothly and precisely move the machine, under all conditions. To avoid accidental shifting, the steering mode selection is achieved by the simultaneous pushing of two buttons. For each axle a visual warning advises the operator when the wheels are perfectly realigned.

Standard Equipment

  • Komatsu EU Stage IIIA compliant turbo engine
  • Komtrax - Komatsu satellite monitoring system
  • Air cleaner with dual element
  • Fuel filter with water separator and clogging indicator
  • “Full Power Shift” transmission
  • CLSS hydraulic system
  • Transmission oil filter
  • 4 wheel steering (3 steering modes)
  • Safety valves on hydraulic cylinders
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit up to the boom head
  • SLI (acoustic and visual alarm) stability control device
  • Alternator 90 A
  • Battery 110 Ah
  • 12 V internal and external power supply
  • Stabilisers
  • Frame levelling: ±10°
  • Rear axle lock
  • Horn
  • Back-up alarm
  • ROPS/FOPS cab with heater and fan
  • PPC servo-control with adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable seat with safety belt
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Two piece fully opening door
  • Rear opening window with wiper washer
  • Front windows wiper washer
  • Protection grid on the roof
  • Boom angle indicator
  • Mudguards
  • Mechanical quick-coupler
  • Floating forks
  • Tyres: 14.00-24 PR16 “all terrains”

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