Wessex 3 Point Linkage Tractor Mounted Paddock Leveller Grader





Width Of Cut 480cm
Number Of Cutting Units 1
Cutting Action Flail
Number Of Blades 112
Drive PTO
Engine hp Required 120hp min.
Collector No
Weight 1880kg

Product information

13 Point Linkage Tractor Mounted Leveller Grader

Loosens, smooths & compacts all in one sweep.

Purpose Built Arena Leveller for use on sand & soiled surfaces.

Easy to Use but very effective.

6' wide with individual height adjustment facility for complete control & versatility.

Four seperate rows of tines 40 in total are all fully adjustable to suit your needs.

These rows of strong tines loosens the surface. They can be adjusted up & down individually enabling you to fully control the depth of penetration. They can also be lifted out altogether if required.

The compacting roller rolls & compacts the surface.

Strong solid construction.

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