Beaver TM308 Hydraulic Trailed Triple Gang Cylinder Mower





Width Of Cut 213cm
Height Of Cut 13mm - 60mm
Number Of Cutting Units 3
Cutting Action Cylinder
Number Of Blades 6
No Of Heights Of Cut Infinity
Drive PTO
Engine hp Min. 15hp With 540rpm PTO Required
Collector No

Product information

The Beaver TM308 Hydraulic Gang Mower combines the simplicity of tow-behind gang mowers with the all-weather performance of hydraulic drive.
Suitable for all compact tractors with 540 rpm PTO, the TM308 uses Beaver cutter heads renowned for their quality of cut and durability.

Hydraulic Drive.
Efficient power transmission, all-weather performance, long life and the ability to back lap make hydraulic drive the only sensible choice for the professional.
The PTO driven hydraulic system includes comprehensive filtration and overload protection, with automatic cut-off for all units when in the raised position.

Precision Cutting.
Beaver 6 Blade cylinders are fitted as standard, with full width rear rollers and skids which are adjustable for cutting height. Full articulation allows each cutter head to follow undulations to leave a consistent quality cut.

Low Operating Cost.
Modern compact tractors are ideal for many turf care applications by virtue of their low operating cost, light weight and versatility.
The TM308 takes full advantage of these characteristics to provide significant cost savings when compared with self-propelled triple mowers.

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