2007 Upright TL49K Trailer Mounted 17 Meter Access Lift





Year 2007
Hours 0-500
Drive Hydrostatic
Fuel Battery
Length 7100mm
Width 1750mm Folded
Height 2100mm
Weight 2250kg
Maximum Working Height 17 Meter
Maximum Walking Floor Height 15 Meter
Maximum Working Outreach 9.10 Meter
Turntable Rotation 680°
Maximum Basket Load 200kg
Basket Dimensions 1200mm x 800mm x 1100mm

Product information

The UpRight TL49K is a class leader, offering several features as standard that other manufacturers only provide as optional extras.

These include powered basket rotation and fully proportional hydraulic controls, at both basket and ground level.

The third flick boom, with 130 DEGREES working arc, guarantees access to the most hard to reach places, while the 90 DEGREES basket rotation provides the precision positioning that is vital for working in tight spaces.

UpRight Powered Access has a global reputation for innovation and a proud heritage in the design and manufacture of high quality powered access equipment.

The company was founded in the UK more than 25 years ago, on the principle of constantly improving service excellence for end users.

UpRight has third party accreditation to quality standard ISO 9001 and the full range carries the CE mark, complying with or exceeding all relevant standards and EC directives.

UpRight Powered Access is a member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

The UpRight TL49K is of the parallel linkage vertical boom design, mounted on a road towable trailer.

The unique, yet very simple boom configuration gives the maximum safety and control ability combined with a robust construction to withstand a heavy working environment.

The TL49K machine is designed for two man capacity (200 kg S.W.L.).

The machine incorporates a bottom boom with tie-rod, a short vertical boom and a top boom with a telescope section.

The TL49K also has an independent hydraulically operated flick-out boom and rotating cage for extra manoeuvrability.

The hydraulic system is of a failsafe design throughout, with built in hydraulic lock valves on all of the rams as a precaution against hose failure.

The machine is controlled by means of proportional manual controls of the ‘direct hand’ lever operating type.

These valves are located at both the base and in the cage, as standard.

Electrically operated emergency lowering valves are fitted as standard to allow the machine to be lowered from the base and basket.

The hydraulically operated outriggers are fitted with load sensing interlocks, to prevent the booms from being raised without the outriggers being extended and under load.

An interlock prevents the hydraulic outriggers being accidentally retracted while the booms are raised.

A simple system of warning lights show the power supply is on and each of the outriggers is under load.

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