Ransomes Jacobsen Greens King VI


Greens King VI




Hours 1500-2000
Width Of Cut 157cm
Height Of Cut 1.19mm - 11mm
Number Of Cutting Units 3
Cutting Action Cylinder
Number Of Blades 11
No Of Heights Of Cut Infinity
Drive Hydrostatic
Starter Electric
Engine Kubota
Engine hp 18hp
Fuel Diesel
Working Speed 6km/h
Transport Speed 12km/h
Collector Yes
Length 2526mm
Width 1727mm
Height 1270mm
Weight 588kg

Product information

It's the most versatile, most reliable, most user-friendly triplex greens mower available.

Whether you're maintaining greens, tees, approaches or sports fields, the Jacobsen Greens King VI delivers results that meet your high expectations.

Jacobsen has always offered the finest cut available from a triplex mower.

The Greens King VI continues that strong heritage.

The fully floating, steerable reels help prevent marking and scuffing during turns.

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