Sisis E-Roll Electrically Powered Triple Roller





For Use On Bowling Greens & Similar Areas. Ready For Work

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Rotation Forward & Reverse
Drive Self Propelled
Fuel Battery
Length 790mm
Width 1020mm
Height 1200mm
Weight 122kg

Product information

Electrically Powered Triple Roller

Triple roller for bowling greens and similar areas. As the weight is spread over three rollers the soil is firmed without compaction. Because of the relatively small diameter, the rolling factor (pressure on the turf) is equal to that produced by a heavier roller.


Incorporates well proven Trulevel principle. Over-riding action on slight hollows allows level areas to be firmly rolled, whilst low areas are left, so that the playing surface is progressively levelled.

Electrically powered to forward and reverse drive

Outer rollers can be raised concentrating the whole weight on the centre cylinder if desired

Additional weights can be added if required

Easy to operate

Operator can walk behind or in front of the roller

Motor Coverage: With fully charged battery and weights fitted, two full sized bowling greens can be rolled without loss of forward speed.

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