RO-Clean OM140D Oleophilic Oil Mop Skimming Unit




All Round Good Condition Requires New Mop And Skimmer

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  • Capacity - 5m3 per hour / 22 US gpm
  • Max mop diameter - 100 mm / 4 inch
  • Standard Mop lengths - 30 m / 98 ft
  • Max Mop length - 90 m / 295 ft
  • Max Mop speed - 28 m per minute / 91 ft per minute
  • Weight - 107 kg / 236 lbs

Requires new mop and skimmers

The OM140 is a simple but extremely effective and versatile Rope Mop skimmer. These machines have been used in oil spills and by customers in various industries with great success for many years.

During operation, the skimmer will recover a wide range of oils, from light to medium viscosity. With the injection of heat into the liquid, fats and heavy oils can also be recovered. Due to the unique construction of the rope mops, the fibres are oleophilic and opened ended to ensure they recover oil and reject water. Placing a twist in the deployed mop ensures greater recovery of oil and that items of trash cannot get entangled.

The OM140 is easy to deploy and operate. Using a skimmer with a 90m mop, it is possible to recover oil from distance, either horizontally or vertically. This allows recovery from narrow spaces such as drains and pits, but also wide open areas such as lakes or rivers. This versatility makes the OM140 mop skimmer an ideal choice for first line defence in oil spill emergencies.


• Stainless steel chute with fibreglass liner to reduce wear and dramatically extend the life of the skimmer

• Can be used with a range of oleophilic mops, which can recover a wide range of oils

• 360 degree fibres in the mops allow greater quantities of oil to be recovered more efficiently when compared to similar flat mops, which have less contact with the oil

• Unique mop deployment technique allows for full contact with the oil for the whole of the mop, allowing even higher recovery rates

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